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Dec, 2022

Incarnari - God Made Flesh

Incarnari - God Made Flesh

The title is a concoction of terms from the etymological roots.

The phrase 'God Made Flesh' was chosen because it could be understood in different ways.

While this exhibition intentionally takes place during the season of Advent, it isn't really an exhibition about Christmas as such but rather an opportunity to respond to the subject of The Incarnation of Christ. This topic is one that has featured prominently in the history of Western Art. It's a very strange concept - otherworldly actually - when you stop to think about it. At Nomas* we were intrigued as to how artists today would respond to the subject in light of its art historical position, changes in religious beliefs and values and where it might sit in contemporary culture around issues of feminism, sexual identity and orientation.

The beginning of The Gospel of Luke, Chapters 1 & 2 was the recommended Bible source material as well as The Gospel of Matthew from Chapter 2.

There are of course hundreds of references and paintings on the subject in art museums throughout the world and online.

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Incarnari - God Made Flesh