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2013, Apr–May

Openings (DJCAD/MFA)

by Claire Briegel, Sam Jack and Deirdre Robertson.  

25 April - 19 May 2013 Show concludes with Artists' Talk at The McManus Gallery, Albert Square, DD1 1DA Sunday 19 May. 2.00pm - 3.30pm.

"The social & political reformer has always to state and re-state his ideas, long before he forms that resolute minority, which by restating these ideas more widely still - persuades a sufficient majority to [adopt] them". - Patrick Geddes

"Openings" is a collaboration of 3 artists all studying the MFA at DJCAD and all interested in the process of social change.

Sam Jack's work often takes the perspective of political activist. Her window celebrates both Dundee's waterfront future and jute past using both digital technology and traditional textile processes.

Claire Briegel's project will explore organisational and social openings throughout the duration of the exhibition, weaving together research and documentation as it develops towards a 'final' presentation.

Deirdre Robertson is working to open up the tunnel that goes through the Law Hill and is reopening dialogue about the nearly forgotten strange Dundee tradition of dressing herrings.

The theme of "Openings" is explored by all 3 artists within the local Dundee context - of both the physical spaces that may occupy our futures and the planned and unexpected relationships with others that are formed along the way.

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Openings (DJCAD/MFA)
Openings (DJCAD/MFA)
Openings (DJCAD/MFA)
Openings (DJCAD/MFA)
Openings (DJCAD/MFA)