Nomas* Projects / Art, Dundee

Jan, 2024


Artist's Statement


Joseph Donald is a Dundee based artist, musician, and maker. With a helping of humour and absurdity he investigates the work/play relationships inherent in creative practices - allowing for great swathes of investment in professionally justified silliness. Through painting, sound and forays into fine joinery, he uses found/waste materials to create objects where play meets function, and being meets belonging.

‘Lamps’ continues earlier enquiries that began in painting: aiming to witness and consider the moments when objects become finished, complete, or justified. Through becoming lamps or shelves, paintings garner mock functionality as a new means to achieve this state. This introduces issues of design and gives products licence to both work and entertain. By pondering the conflict between art objects and the domestic, paintings have morphed into constructions that can be taken into peoples homes, often claiming to aid in some basic task during their stay.

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