Nomas* Projects / Art, Dundee

Jan, 2023



Artist Statement:

“Post-Op” is a selection of pieces taken from a larger collection of body prints made in 2020. Completed over the course of 12 months, this series of prints explores artist Shelby Scattergood’s first year following bariatric surgery.

Scattergood was encouraged to undergo a sleeve gastrectomy following acute liver failure, a rare medication side effect, in 2018. Scattergood chose to record the experience in a series of stomach stamps as a personal commentary on the controversial procedure. Often sold in the United States as a “magical cure to fatness” bariatric surgery (excluding Lap-Band) is a procedure in which a person’s stomach is partially amputated in order to drastically reduce one’s weight. Finding the experience fraught with unexpected challenges and harmful rhetoric, Scattergood seeks to spark an honest discourse over the surgery’s effectiveness and ethics.


Shelby Scattergood is an American-born portrait artist currently working and residing in Guardbridge, Scotland. She received a BFA in Drawing and Printmaking from the University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG) in 2016. She has exhibited throughout the United States in galleries such as the Jones Carter Gallery, the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, 21c Durham, and VAE Raleigh. This is her first exhibition in Scotland.


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