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March, 2015

Colourfield Studies

Lucas Battich: Colourfield Studies

Colourfield Studies is a series of algorithm-generated works. Inspired by the simplified and regulated systems of twentieth-century abstract colour painting, the studies are produced by a computer script, which randomly chooses colours and applies them in areas at random angles. Digital media, for all its intermedia output, is ultimately based on text, composed of binary digits and algorithmic commands. And yet, our experience of colour resists being restrained by words. As philosopher Charles Riley remarks, “Colour refuses to conform to schematic and verbal systems.” Colourfield Studies addresses the tensions inherent in mediated experience, where concrete sensations of colour encounter the abstract and rigid language of algorithms.


Lucas Battich is a multi-disciplinary artist, born in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina, and a DJCAD graduate in Art & Philosophy from 2014. Battich works through process-led experiments in different artistic mediums, including moving-image, digital photography, algorithm works and artists’ publishing, addressing the question on how we engage with a range of cultural objects through the technologies that we utilize daily.


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Colourfield Studies