Nomas* Projects / Art, Dundee

2014, December

"Incarnation Celebration"

EXHIBITION: Group Show Incarnation Celebration.

1-31st December 2014

The central theme of “The Incarnation” is the focus of Nomas* Projects first (playful) group show this Christmas.

Limited to 6 x 4 Christmas Card format, artists from the Morphe Arts Network sent their reflections to our Ward Road Gallery.

Bloated by contemporary Christmas imagery? Try our dainty feast for your eyes this mid-winter.

Sincere thanks to the following artists:

Jonathan Baxter / Michael Dryden / Sam O’donnell / Lydia Levett / Cully / Lydia Hiorns / Jaynie Topping / Rachel Rebus / Kirsty MacFarlane / Jane Roy / Andy Robertson / Flannery O’Kafka / Helen Kellock / Daniel Otto Jack Petersen / Lucy Roscoe / Leah Robb / Jess Armstrong / Catriona MacKenzie


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