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2014, April

Pink Sea Blooms

Pink Sea Blooms: Retention and Loss New Works by Holly Keasey

Armeria maritima, better known as 'sea pink', 'thrift' or 'lady's cushion', is an unusual alpine plant that has both coastal and mountainous populations. Beginning from a consideration of how this species of plant possibly came to germinate in two such types of location and the adaptive qualities it is required to have, Holly’s work will focus on the causes and implications of global rising sea levels. What does it mean when the term ‘Act of God’ has multiple interpretations in both religious texts and legal documents? If no one can take responsibility for the effects and therefore causes of climate change, what does the future hold – or rather, lose? Treating the Nomas* Project's exhibition space as small greenhouses for cultivation, Holly will be sowing pink sea kneelers and asking what is necessary to assist them to take root.

Holly Keasey is a Tay-based artist. Graduating from DJCAD in 2011, Holly continues to explore how engaged artistic practices can act as a durational enquiry towards ecological sensibilities and living. With a focus on water ecology and tourism, her work often intertwines the personal, social and environmental through the creation of site-responsive installations. Holly is also currently working with the Clyde River Foundation and students of Biggar High School on the 'Trout and Transition' project and is a member of the Generator Committee.

ARTIST'S TALK Sunday 6 April, 2-3.30pm, The McManus: Dundee's Art Gallery and Museum, Albert Square, Meadowside, Dundee DD1 1DA in partnership with and


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Pink Sea Blooms