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July, 2021

Still. Here.

Still. Here.

ARTIST'S ZOOM TALK: Sunday 15 August 2021, 4.00pm - 5.30pm online

Meeting ID: 848 8446 4830

Passcode: Nomas

Artist's Statement: Still. Here.

Still here now. What does it mean to remain? The dance between life and death is a profound journey. To not be seen in the midst of the multitudes fighting against death and to be seen in the midst of the layers of continued life and survival is part of the path of remaining. The exhibition, Still. Here. are five new portraits which illustrate the stories and reflections of the people who have been infected or affected by HIV/AIDS and whom Ruth Naomi Floyd has had the honor of serving and walking alongside for over 25 years. They remain.


Ruth Naomi Floyd is a photographer specializing in black and white portrait images. Ruth uses silver based films with 35mm and 4x5 inch view cameras to capture her images and uses traditional wet darkroom technology as well as digital printing on archival papers to produce her final images. Ruth has received awards, prizes and grants for her photographic images and her work is included in permanent and private collections. She has exhibited her photographic images in the United States and Europe and her images have been published on the covers of magazines, and in brochures and music compact discs. Ruth is passionate about the intersection of the arts with culture and community. She has shared her knowledge of the arts and culture in universities, seminaries, art centers and performance centers and also participated in cultural exchanges in the United Kingdom, Madrid, Hungary, France, Poland and Africa. Ruth continues to make the city of Philadelphia her home, where for over twenty-five years she has been devoted and active in providing compassionate care and spiritual support to people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS in Philadelphia and Africa.

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Still. Here.