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June, 2018

Which Wife are You?

‘Which Wife are You?’ by Lydia Morrow represents an ongoing body of work that looks at the artist’s attempt to reclaim her identity as a new mother. Exploring the shift of focus from one’s self to one’s child, Lydia shows baby jumpers for her son which were made in an attempt to gain back structure, sanity and a sense of self through art and design practice. Finding herself in a struggle to relate to either of the titles ‘mother’ and ‘artist’, Lydia attempts to visibly take ownership of her postpartum body through the creation of wearable artworks.

Biography: Born in America and raised in Scotland, Lydia Morrow studied Painting and Printmaking at Glasgow School of art. Considering her processes of crochet, embroidery, and dressmaking as a more effective form of mark-making than those of her degree, she embraces craft and design as aspects of her fine art practice. In 2018 Lydia has featured in the Royal Scottish Academy’s ‘New Contemporaries’ exhibition and Peckham Craft Weekend, a part of London Craft Week. Having recently had a baby, Lydia has spent the last year and a half exploring her role as an artist and a parent, wrestling with the upheaval that pregnancy and motherhood has had in her life and work.

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Which Wife are You?