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Feb, 2022

Border Patrol

ARTIST'S ZOOM TALK: Monday 28 March 2022, 7.30pm - 9.00pm online

Meeting ID: 837 7812 0643

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Border Patrol

During lockdowns, the border hedge gained new purpose as a metaphor for self-isolation and shelter as the world contracted to the limits of our more basic unit- the home. This series of suburban landscapes began in March 2020 during the permitted daily lockdown excursions in the ‘bungalow belt’ of Edinburgh and has continued while coronavirus restrictions remain in place to varying degrees in Scotland. Stay-at-home notices may lift but our gardens show we have chosen to remain hidden from our neighbors, living our lives in privacy, and limiting and inviting relationships with others by choice and on our own terms.

Artist's Bio

Kieran Dodds (b. 1980) is a non-fiction photographer known for his research-driven photo stories and portraiture mostly recently seen in two books- Gingers (2020) and The Church Forests of Ethiopia (2021). His personal work considers the interplay of environment and culture, tracing global events through daily lives. This is the first time Border Patrol has been exhibited having been published in Smithsonian magazine (US) and The Guardian (US).

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Border Patrol