Nomas* Projects / Art, Dundee

Aug, 2023


Statement Endosode, is a visual exploration of the unseen realities of living daily with endometriosis, the way this shapes a person enduring it. Made over a 3-year period looking at moments of high physical pain and its consequences. This work invites the viewer into an intimate conversation of this invisible condition experienced by the artist.

Bio Ciara Menzies is a London-based photographer and visual Artist. She splits her time between the ‘big smoke’ and her native Scotland. Making work that follows the ups and downs of life, focusing on light-hearted stories to the more complex and deep stories that people carry. 
She has worked on symposiums with Edinburgh University, delving into topics like the integration of refugees within Scotland and exploring Art and the Sacred. Additionally, she has been involved in community art projects aimed at fostering creative expression in a deprived area of Dundee. Her background is rooted in education, and she is primarily self-taught in arts, although recently, Ciara completed an MA in photojournalism and documentary photography at UAL. Commercially, her work primarily focuses on portraiture and brand storytelling. However, her documentary work has taken a turn towards medical advocacy. Making mixed media work, 1 in 10 , exploring the lives of individuals dealing with chronic pain and photo series on the role of hospital chaplains. Currently, she is engaged in a broader project Period Pouch that examines the culture of shame surrounding menstruation and the diverse subcultures that exist globally around periods. In addition to these projects, over a year she explored the lives of young Scottish gamekeepers and the lives they lead. 

To see more of her work, connect and follow online, | @ciara_menzies


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